Request to conduct a query – find photos / source documents in the collection of FZR must be in writing / email specifying the subject / purpose and the ordering person data: name and surname / company / institution, email, phone number. The query executed by an employee for the purposes of commercial uses is 50PLN / h. The query executed by an employee for the purposes of scientific uses is 25PLN / h. (In exceptional cases the price can be negotiated). Students are exempt from these fees.


Sharing photos (albums , catalogs , books, magazines , newspapers , websites , brochures , postcards, calendars , posters , folders, exhibition , etc.). Photographs are made available solely on the basis of a written agreement stating the principles and fields of use. Photographs for commercial uses shall be paid pursuant to a license agreement with the right to use it once in a printed or digital form. The price is determined mostly within the limits of 50-250 zł for one photo (depending on the nature and type of publication, effort, industry, exhibition space, the required volume file, etc. ). In exceptional cases the price can be negotiated. Students are exempt from these fees. Making the image of the object for the purposes of scientific research (thesis , dissertation, etc.) occurs under the free license agreement with the right to use the single image object. The licensee is only required to cover the cost of (scan, print, etc. . ). The image of the object is always in the form of a digital file tailored to the needs of the publication. It is necessary to include information about the Author and © Zofia Rydet Foundation.

Renting photographs for the exhibition

FZR has prepared sets of photographs for the exhibition. Renting is based on the license agreement. The desire of rental must be communicated with at least half a year in advance. Rental price includes *:

  1. license price (exhibiting photographs, use in promotional materials)
  2. fee for insurance during transportation, exhibition and storage (FZR can support the party in insurance formalities)
  3. transport costs (FZR can provide transportation services)
  4. coordination

License for the use of photographs in the eventual publication accompanying the exhibition – on the basis of a separate agreement. * Costs depend on the amount of rented objects, rental period, the distance, insurance.


FZR performs reprints occasionally, only in limited editions. Currently:

  1. in the offer of Asymmetry Gallery can be found portfolio “Little Man”
  2. reprint photographs from the series “The world of emotions and imagination”, “Extermination”, available in FZR premises


  1. „Little man”, price: 60PLN (+shipping costs)
  2. „Inventorying the image of man”, price: 25PLN (+shipping costs)
  3. postcards, price: 5PLN (+shipping costs)

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