Photographic series by Zofia Rydet, prepared by Urszula Czartoryska

1980-1990 Silesian Suite
1982 Traces
1984-1985 Presence
1978-1990 Sociological Record. Anno 1978-1990 (suwalskie, lubelskie, kieleckie, rzeszowskie, Śląsk, Spisz, Orawa, Podhale, Chochołów, Podhale-Naprawa, Kraków, Gliwice)
1980 Epitaph
1979-1980 Bad days
1980 Endlessly Distant Roads
1975-1979 The world of emotions and imagination (in album The world of emotions and imagination by Zofia Rydet, Warsaw, KAW, 1979, are presented the following series of photographs: Landscapes, Birth, Motherhood, Expectations, Leaving, Behind the Wall of Life, Love, Sentimental ballad, Extermination, Mannequins, Apparitions, The Threat, Obsessions, Transformations, Hope)
1957-1980 Transformations
1964 Time of passing (in its framework – Meditations I, II, III, Contrasts, Serene days, Expectations, Difficult Path, Loneliness of Old Age, Textures, My Gallery)
1961 Little Man
Fundacja im. Zofii Rydet