The world of emotions and imagination

2012 – The first works in the Archives could begin by obtaining a grant from the Ministry for the project Inventory, archiving and documentation part of the artistic heritage of Zofia Rydet (please refer to the “Inventory”) .
For the full completion of work on the cycle, still  good quality negatives digitization is to be done.

Little man

2012 – In parallel – run by the Archeology of Photography Foundation – a project to resume publication of Little Man was carried out, a partial inventory of photographs and negatives belonging to that cycle was done and used in publishing the publication.
The digitized cycle can be viewed in the online archive.

Sociological Record

2013-2015 – Thanks to a grant from the Ministry, in collaboration with the Foundation of the Visual Arts, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Gliwice Art Reading Room, the Foundation launched the first phase of work on the cycle – digitizing, organizing and archiving negatives, positives and documents and finally the creation of the portal – an online gallery where you ultimately will be available several thousand shots. Scheduled for 2013-2015 are: exhibition, publishing and conference. In 2016, an album devoted to Sociological Record was released by Czytelnia Sztuki in Gliwice.
An important element of the several-year project were the photography workshop Something will remain, following in the footsteps of Zofia Rydet, carried out under the supervision of Agnieszka Pajączkowska.




In the years 2016-2020, comprehensive inventory and archiving works and digitization of the series of photos Documentations 1950-1978 were carried out. This is the earliest creative period of Zofia Rydet, from which in later years she selected photographs for her creative cycles (including Little Man, Time of passing). These photos were taken in Poland and in many other European countries. The result of the work can be found in the online archive Documentations and Foreign Documentations.


Successively arranged, archived and digitized are all located in the Archives documents: correspondence, press realeses, posters, exhibition folders, photographs, biographical diplomas, personal documents, etc.

Tadeusz Rydet

The Foundation also has a collection of photographs by – winning and appreciated – Tadeusz Rydet older brother of Zofia Rydet and her first teacher of photography.

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