Foundation goals:

  1. Managing the artistic heritage of Zofia Rydet and the dissemination of knowledge about the artist and her work,
  2. Dissemination and promotion of culture and art in this country and abroad,
  3. Initiating and supporting educational activities, with particular emphasis on photographic output,
  4. Initiating and supporting artistic projects through archiving, digitization, preservation, storage and the sharing of collections.

The Foundation achieves its statutory goals by:

  1. Archiving its own collections and storing private collections and individual photos,
  2. Taking care of the technical condition of the negatives and photographs by Zofia Rydet, as well as their storage, cataloguing, archiving and digitization,
  3. Organizing and co-organizing exhibitions in Poland and abroad,
  4. Educational and scientific activities, including support for research projects in the field of photography,
  5. Creating and maintaining a website on the activities of foundations, and a database, accessible via the website.

The Foundation may in its statutory activity organizationally and financially support the activity of other corporate bodies and individuals whose activity is consistent with the goals of the Foundation – especially foundations, museums, galleries, cultural institutions, universities, art schools – and to cooperate with them, in particular through the sharing of collections and information.

Fundacja im. Zofii Rydet