The Zofia Rydet Foundation exists since March 2011. It was founded by the artists family who are the  owners of Zofia Rydet’s archives. After Zofia Rydet’s death the works have been repeatedly provided for several exhibitions, used in many artistic and educational publications. The foundation collaborated in the creation of articles, academic works about the artist and the new output for which her art was inspiration. Although Zofia Rydet passed away, the collection has ‘lived’ since 1997.


The primary task of the foundation is the inventory and digitization of the Collection in order to consolidate and preserve for posterity the priceless artistic legacy. This process will require great effort and time (40 years of the artists work) and has been divided into stages according to specific series of photographs. It is the first step to the essential elaboration of the whole Collection and also a key moment of refreshing and modernizing the interpretation of Zofia Rydet’s work.


During the first year of the foundation the Museum Of Śląsk became their strategic partner. We collaborate with the Foundation Of Archeology, The Visual Arts Foundation (the organizer of The Cracow Photo Month), the Gliwice Arts Reading Room and the Museum Of Modern Art in Warsaw. Thanks to the café-bar Artefakt Café since October 2012 we have been organizing a series of “Meetings With Zofia Rydet”.


In December 2013 thanks to the MKiDN grant and collaboration with the Visual Art Foundation, the Museum Of Modern Art and the Gliwice Art Reading Room the Zofia Rydet Foundation has finalised the first stage of work on ” The Sociological Record “series. The outcome can be seen on www.zofiarydet.com. In December 2012 thanks to the MKiDN the Foundation finalized working on the inventory of the series “The world of emotions and imagination”, which effects is an online archive of the artist’s photographs. In 2012 the foundation has been cooperating with the foundation “Archeology Of Photography” who has published the second edition of “Little Man”. Also the Visual Arts foundation has helped organize the exhibition “Sociological record” in the Arts Reading Room in Gliwice. Thanks to the support of the Museum Of Śląsk a new album “Inventorying The Image Of Man” of has been created.


“(…) A number of people believe that photography is not important. When a photographer passes away (…) everything he or she had done is thrown away. 4-5 pictures are retained, because everyone thinks they will be used for the exhibition. The rest such as: films, everything goes in the garbage. That is why I am very oversensitive. I wanted to sensitize people from my family and I say to them over and over again: (…) remember that when I die, it will have a value. (…) Do not trash it all.” Zofia Rydet in Andrzej Różycki’s film “Endlessly Distant Roads” talks about her fear of passing time, death and the fear of what will happen to her work when she dies – “Do not throw it away” – she says – passing on the fate of her work to us. Dear Aunt, we did not throw them away…